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SCUTO Corporation is your partner when it comes down to survival!

The SCUTO corporation

The SCUTO Corporation is your partner when it comes to protective and tactical gear. We offer high quality solutions to professionals in the safety and security field. We provide cover, you can do your job!

Besides gear SCUTO is known for its tactical accessories, tactical mobility solutions and tactical gear. All our solutions aim to keep people and their assets safe and secure.

SCUTO services

The SCUTO cooperation is organized is such a way that it cooperates with well known market leaders in the field of safety and security and has a network of professionals around the world selling its products, consulting our solutions and offering service.

SCUTO Armour Technology

High quality protective gear for all law enforcement, military, first aid and firefighting professionals. We do bullet proof and stab/slash resistant clothing.

SCUTO Water Safety Solutions

Water safety solutions to guarantee operational efficiency and health for military and special forces on patrol, missions or at base camps.

SCUTO is Latin for shield and our motto is that we supply a shield for safety and security to all our customers. Professionals, public agents, public workers, NGO workers and persons subject to high risks, SCUTO keeps you safe in every way!

Exclusive dealership with Pointblank Enterprises

SCUTO is proud to announce a full and exclusive dealership with Pointblank Enterprises. Meet us at the ENFORCETAC 2018 and discover the power of our products and services.

SCUTO is attending on

The SCUTO cooperation is attending the following exhibitions. Please contact us to schedule a meeting at one of these events.